Lightmotif is engaged in various Research and Development projects and works in national and international collaborations with research institutes, (SME) development partners, and industrial end-users.


Within this Horizon 2020 project the goal was to develop an adaptive laser micromachining system based on ultrashort pulsed laser ablation and a novel depth measurement sensor, together with advanced data analysis software and automated system calibration routines.

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This animation by DEMCON Nymus 3D explains the goals of the project and the system concept for the inline depth measurement system.


This project was supported by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.


In this collaborative FP7 project 21 partners from 8 countries worked on novel laser applications. The goal of the APPOLO project was to exploit the combination of distributed knowledge in academic application labs, equipment producers, system integrators and end-users to enable the development of innovative processes, products and machineries for industrial laser material processing applications.

Lightmotif worked on the optimization and validation of its 3D texturing technology for producing textured injection molds for the automotive industry. The micro-textures in the molds are designed to create soft-touch and anti-glare effects on molded products.

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This project was supported by the European Commission as part of the European Commission I4MS initiative (ICT Innovations for Manufacturing SMEs).


"Optimisation and upscaling of self-cleaning surfaces for automotive sector by combining tailored nanostructured machined injection tools and functional thermoplastic nanocompounds"

In this collaborative FP7 project Lightmotif developed the technology to apply functional surface textures to large 3D curved surfaces.

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This project was supported by the European Commission.


In this regional project Lightmotif worked on large area surface texturing with the goal to produce molds for self-cleaning surfaces. We worked together with the University of Twente ,who developed a molding and material modification process.


This project was supported by the Province of Overijssel.